The latest in Basecamp 3 for iOS

Hello again from Team iOS here at Basecamp! We’re spent our spring making Basecamp better for you—here’s a GIF-powered look at what’s new…

Mark all as Read
Last time we introduced a way to swipe individual unread items on your Hey! screen to mark them as read (you know, like when you ✌🏻read✌🏻 Great Expectations in high school). Now you can just tap and hold on the Mark all as Read button to completely clear everything in your Hey! box.

Quick jump
Tap the Basecamp’s title in the Navbar from most any screen to quickly jump to another section in the same Basecamp. It’s handy when you’re looking at a to-do, for example, and you want to jump up to see all the the other to-dos.

Peek and pop
If you have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus with 3D Touch you can use Peek and Pop on unread items to preview them.

Login options
There are several ways to log-in to Basecamp and now you can manage them right from Basecamp for iOS. Tap your avatar on the home screen, then Login options to set a password, change your password, and enable or disable Google log-in.

All the sharing
The share action is now available on every screen in the app. This sends you to the iOS system Share Sheet where you can copy the URL or send it to another app or extension. It’s particularly handy for copying and pasting a link to something elsewhere in Basecamp to a comment.

Sneak peak: @mentions
With summer approaching we’re already hard at work at the next round of updates and a big one on the list is full support for @mentions in Pings and Campfires. We’re already testing it interally and it’s a huge upgrade—we can’t wait to put it in your hands. Here’s how it looks so far:

Basecamp 3 for iOS is always free, get the newest version with all these goodies in the App Store. Thank you so much for using Basecamp and please let us know in the comments how Basecamp is working for you on your mobile devices and how we can make it better.

♥️ Team iOS,
Dylan Ginsburg, Zach Waugh, and Jason Zimdars

Basecamp 3 works where you do on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows—anywhere you’ve got a web browser and an internet connection. Your first Basecamp is completely free so try it today, it takes just a minute to sign-up.