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New in Highrise — our Small Business CRM

Saved Filters, Bulk Email Improvements, And More

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great time celebrating the holidays and the end of 2017. It’s been a cold start to ours here at Highrise Headquarters in Chicago, but we’re thawing out now. Though it’s back to 7F next week. Oh well, it keeps us inside working on this stuff for you 🙂 We’ve got some great improvements, and it’s all setting us up for exciting things coming soon…

P.S. You can also follow more behind the scenes on how we design products, run the business, and try to just get through life at a YouTube channel I created.

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Saved Filters

Have you ever figured out just the right way you like to segment your contacts in Highrise? A combo of views, filters, and tags:

And then wanted to save that filter for next time?

You’ve always been able to bookmark the URL, but today we announce the ability to save your searches for anyone on your team to use:

Read more about Saved Filters here.

Bulk Email Filters

We released Broadcast bulk email as a new feature for Highrise just over 2 years ago.

Since then the usage of the feature has been going up and up:

And many customers have sent so many Broadcasts it’s now hard to find them if they’re looking for something sent awhile back.

So today to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Broadcast, we introduce filtering for your bulk emails:

Read more about bulk email filters here.

Bulk Email Quota

Each paid Highrise account is allocated a rolling monthly quota of bulk emails equal to the number of contacts in their plan.

For example, accounts on our basic plan come with up to 5,000 contacts so can send 10 bulk emails to 500 contacts or 5 bulk emails to 1,000 contacts — any combination up to 5,000 bulk emails each month.

No extra charge, you pay the same $24 you’ve always paid for six users.

Many of our users have taken advantage of this, sending bulk emails, but never really knowing the limit (or whether there was one) as long as they didn’t hit the quota.

Today we announce a small, but useful feature to help you avoid composing and sending a message only to find you’re out of quota for the month:

Read more about bulk email quota here.

Simple Drip Campaigns

Have you noticed a theme in the features above? Coming soon to a Highrise near you:

Highrise Now Integrates with 1000+ Other Products

As one of the first cloud based CRMs, Highrise has had a wide array of direct integrations for some time. But now in addition to native integrations, Highrise connects to 1,000 other web tools with Zapier.

Read more about our Zapier integration.

Highrise Blog

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Can You Sell Water? Part 2

Abraham Celio and Maria Mendez own Yolis Tamales on Chicago’s Southwest Side.

Some of the tech industry’s most vaunted companies revel in their origins as mavericks or rule-breakers, having flouted regulations in the name of disruption. That kind of risk-taking is celebrated in Silicon Valley but punished in other places, most notably minority communities.

In this episode of the Rework podcast: A legal advocate for low-income entrepreneurs talks about the hurdles her clients face, and a husband-and-wife team of street food vendors share what they’ve learned making the transition from the informal to the formal economy.

Can You Sell Water?

Selling is a core skill. You have to know how to sell, whether it’s a product, an idea, or yourself. In 2012, Basecamp CEO Jason Fried saw the results of a bottled water-selling challenge at Techstars Chicago, a bootcamp program for startups. That one-day competition is the starting point for a conversation that includes the art of negotiation, Jason’s experiences selling knives, tennis rackets, and software; and other adventures in business.

Helpful Business Advice From Friends Of Highrise

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Should Small Companies Offer Online Classes and Demos?

Alison Grove makes another appearance on the terrific podcast Support Ops talking about whether companies should offer online classes and demos.

# 153 – Back to School with Classes

10 Ways to Land High-Paying Gigs As A Freelancer

Austin Church talks about how he turned a terrible thing of getting laid off into the opportunity of a freelance career and his tips into making that a success. Hint: use a CRM to keep you focused

# 153 – Back to School with Classes

How Can Companies Get Better At Personalization?

Matthew Grant at Aberdeen Essentials asked me some interview questions on the state of personalization in marketing. I mentioned some mistakes people are making as well as some fantastic marketing campaigns we should be inspired by.

# 153 – Back to School with Classes

The Secret To More Deals? The Follow Up.

Dee Greene of D&G Media Services started a vlog and in this video gives some advice on using Highrise to stay on top of following up with your leads.

11 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Web Traffic Or Making Money!

Julie Syl shares some advice on getting more website traffic. Thanks for the shout out Julie about our marketing site. There’s some great advice in here, not the least of which is being more generous: You’re Not Getting Website Traffic Because You’re Not Promoting Others.

# 153 – Back to School with Classes

How to Get Your First Customer

Had a few people ask me this question recently, so I’ve started making a playlist of advice on the topic. Some great tactical stuff in here and more to soon follow. Stay tuned! You should follow my YouTube channel: here.

I hope you enjoy the things we’ve been sharing. If there’s anything you’d be interested in us covering, or if you’d like to interview any of us, we’d love to chat. Please don’t hesitate to reach out (nate@highrisehq.com).

Highrise Mobile 3.1 now on iOS AND Android

Just a couple months ago, we announced iOS 3.0 and today we’re thrilled to announce BOTH a 3.1 version for iOS and Android.

For iOS users, since we just released iOS 3.0, this iteration has a lot of tweaks and fixes so you’ll see fewer crashes and bugs.

For our Android users, you’ll get all of the iOS 3.0 updates like the ability to search leads and contacts by tags.

And a lot more Task features brought into the app.

And more… like support for predefined values on custom fields, incorrectly formatted international phone numbers, copying fields from a contact, and emojis in notes, emails and comments.

A recent iOS review:

4* We’re a small sales organization with tons of complex interaction with our customers. We depend heavily and love Highrise on our desktops and laptops. I’ve been a beta tester for the upgrade iOS app for a few months and have been happy to see everything they’ve added and improved in this latest version….chuckamos

But what we’re really excited about is that from here on out we’ll continue to release BOTH iOS AND Android updates AT THE SAME TIME (read here for more technical details on how that’s possible).

And in case you haven’t been paying attention, our mobile updates have been much more frequent this year. We’re working on another big one coming soon…hint:

And if you love it, please give us a review. If not, let us know what we can improve: support@highrisehq.com.

New in Highrise: Auto CCs, Clear all, and more…

We just celebrated our 3 year anniversary since spinning off from Basecamp! Thanks to all of you for helping us get here. Read more about: how far we’ve come. And today, we have another couple improvements to mention.

Auto CCs

For those of you who use our Gmail or recent Outlook integration to send emails from Highrise, we have an exciting announcement today.

You’ve been able to add a CC (or BCC) to an outgoing message for some time, but now that field has gotten a lot smarter. It will automatically populate from CCs in your previous message, and will automatically fill from your contacts as you type:

Read more about the auto populated and auto complete CC’s: here.

Clear All from Good Morning Group Inboxes

Almost 2 years ago, we launched Good Morning, your Highrise group inbox. It has literally changed the way we work and our support team clears the queue by answering each item every day — in record time I may add! 🙂

But in other group inboxes we manage (like my personal one) items can collect to the point it becomes overwhelming… so today we announce the ability to clear everythying from your Good Morning inbox!:

Read more about Clearing Good Morning inboxes: here.

PieSync launches intelligent syncing

PieSync, one of our integration partners, consolidates contacts located in disparate cloud applications and synchronizes them 2 ways and in real time. Today PieSync releases an all new & improved way of setting up two-way contact syncs with their IF-THIS-THEN-THAT filters:

These filters, on top of the already powerful custom fields feature launched last quarter, allow you to segment and create workflows in one app, to other apps, giving you even more in-depth sync possibilities than before. Register for PieSync’s upcoming Webinar on Wednesday, Sep 27 on using the new IF-THIS-THEN-THAT filters: here.

Highrise About Town

And finally, if you want to hear and read more about how we run Highrise, you can read from a few places we’ve been spotted in the wild recently.

If you’re a Highrise user, I hope you enjoy those. Please let us know if you ever need anything — Highrise related or not. We’d love to help.

And if you aren’t a Highrise user, now’s the time! 🙂 If you need a no-hassle system to track leads and manage follow-ups you should try Highrise.

You should also follow my YouTube channel, where I share more about how we run our business, do product design, market ourselves, and just get through life.

Highrise — Three Years Later…

Three years ago today, Basecamp announced Highrise was spinning off as our own company. We knew we had a good tool on our hands that was already well loved by tens of thousands of users (some of whom are celebrating 10 year anniversaries every day!). So we had to make sure any changes we made simplified people’s work or gave them powerful new tools instead of ruin their current workflows.

We took great effort to roll changes out gradually. But over time you can see how far we’ve come:

Three years ago vs Today

icons defined below from top to bottom and left to right across the image… icons not part of Highrise, though emojis definitely are available 🙂

🐷 — Latest activity filters so you can get to what matters to you quickly whether it’s notes, emails, files or team stats.

🐶 — Good Morning (or Evening), our Group Inbox, so whether it’s your incoming leads, your existing customers or even incoming job candidates, you can collaborate as a team to address, assign, and prioritize inquiries as needed.

🐱 — So much on contact filters… a whole new UI:

Three years ago vs Today

Your ability to filter down to the exact data you need is so much more powerful with everything from combining field filters with tags, to NOT tags and Company tags, to new view filters that allow you to find contacts without tags or notes or emails in a certain period of time… and more.

🐭 — Recurring tasks remind you to follow up with your most important customers on a regular basis.

🐹 — Deal custom fields, filtering and exports allow you to track and report on the data you need at a whole new level.

🐰 — Broadcast is simple bulk email so you can stay top of mind with your leads and customers whether through drip campaigns, newsletters, or onboarding emails without the hassle of another complex tool.

🦊 — Recency search allows you to return results based on recency rather than relevancy when you’re looking for that note from the other day.

🐨 — Filters allow you to drill down to a contacts activity and find information quickly.

🐻 — Auto populated avatars so you can spend time following up instead of updating everyone’s profile.

🐯 — Threaded comments so you can tell who said what when about whom. But also what it was related to :).

🐼 — Email integrations with Gmail and Outlook so you can send email directly from Highrise without having to go back and forth between apps.

🐮 — Predefined values on custom fields so your team won’t end up with twelve different variations of ‘Active’.

🦁 — Additional settings like our Slack integration so you can work more efficiently between Slack and Highrise, email templates that allow you to store common messages for reuse, and a referral program where you can give AND get credit for sharing Highrise.

In the last year alone we launched a brand new Android app, iOS 3.0 (rewritten from scratch), reporting and stats, autoforwarding for everyone, and even the ability to turn off features your team doesn’t use.

And all that work has not been in vain:

The content for the FrontRunners quadrant is derived from actual end-user reviews and ratings as well as vendor-supplied and publicly available product and company information that gets applied against a documented methodology. The results neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or any of its affiliates.

Awesome CRM for a small business on a budget, or a start up like mine. Highly recommended to those who just need simple, easy-to-use, intuitive CRM. — Thomas Lyon

So easy and intuative! I use it with my network marketing company and it helps me keep my tasks in order as well as remind me what and why my customers purchased before. — Kari Larned

Perfect CRM for our business. We can’t imagine our business without it! — Chris Sands

Our organization relies greatly on Highrise, this CRM is superior to many we have tried in the past. There are so many great customizations that allow it to work perfectly for our business. It is very clear that the development team here is very active and always rolling out amazing and useful new features. Absolutely ecstatic about our choice to be organizing our customer relationships with Highrise. — Trevor Howard

But what we’re most proud of is that even with all our improvement Highrise is even closer to our vision of the Simplest CRM. Our customers can focus on what matters, rather than learning and mastering another tool or trying to figure out a useless piece of eye candy and what it means.

We’re proud that Highrise allows our customers to connect and build relationships with their leads and customers. Because business should be about people NOT tools.

Want to know more? Read about how Ken Jansen uses Highrise for his real estate business.

View story at Medium.com

Check it out for yourself. Sign up for a Free 30 day trial.

Highrise 3.0 for iOS

For an app that’s been around since 2007, two iterations of its iOS app seems a bit on the light side. We agree. So today we have not just one announcement, but two:

Highrise 3.0 for the iPhone is now available to everyone.

It has the basics from before. Stay up to date on your team’s activity. Easily search your leads and quickly call, text, or get directions. Plan your day with tasks and follow-ups.

And it has some important new features.

Search leads by tag. View tags on contacts. See upcoming tasks when viewing a lead.

Scroll through all of your tasks. Whether you have 2 or thousands of overdue or upcoming tasks… though we still can’t help you get them done. 🙂

And more… like the ability to enter custom fields and choose from predefined values, dial incorrectly formatted international phone numbers, emoji, saved recent searches.

Alas, it doesn’t have everything for everyone yet. Some will notice it doesn’t have Cases or Deals.

But, our second announcement is that this is a whole rewrite of our mobile platform using C# and Microsoft’s Xamarin. This allows us to:

  1. update more frequently
  2. add functionality easily
  3. update it in parallel with our Android app. For those of you using the Android app from January, we have the same features headed your way soon!

So we can get Deals and Cases added a lot easier now. Please stay tuned if that’s something you need. And if you want to hear more about our choice to use C# and Microsoft’s tools in our mobile development, here’s an interview with Michael Dwan our CTO.

Here’s some feedback so far:

Just Right (iankennedy) August 7, 2017 The perfect CRM for a small business with multiple offices. We use Highrise to coordinate several offices and hundreds of clients. The mobile app is great for entering quick notes or adding new contacts on the fly when out in the field. Take [conversation] out of email and put them in Highrise

If you enjoy it, we’d greatly appreciate a review on the App Store, and if you have any issues or feedback, there’s a Help & Feedback button in the app to send us your info.

Download Highrise 3.0 for the iPhone.

But can you sell water?

A few years back, I did an extended Q&A session at Techstars Chicago. Great group, great questions. I really enjoyed it.

Before the talk, Troy, the guy who ran Techstars Chicago at the time, showed me this board they had propped up on an easel outside the office.

The board listed every company in the current Techstars Chicago class, along with some numbers. The columns included inventory, inventory sold, remaining inventory, and net profit.

Here’s a picture of the board:

Lots of red!

These are the results from the challenge. But what was the actual challenge?

The challenge

Each company was told to go sell bottled water. Each company had to decide how many bottles of water they wanted for their inventory. They couldn’t get more later. They had one set of inventory and that was it. They could charge whatever they wanted per bottle.

A few other rules… They couldn’t sell them in the Merchandise Mart (which is the massive building where Techstars Chicago is headquartered), so they had to hit the streets to find buyers.

I believe they had one day to sell their water.

Observations from the results

  • The companies that were over-confident lost the most money. In this case I define over-confident as taking on too much inventory.
  • 75% of the 40% of the companies that were profitable ended up with zero inventory. If they had a second chance, I wonder if they’d increase the price of their water. It’s impossible to tell from the board when the companies with zero inventory ran out of inventory, but they may have been better off selling their bottles for more and ending up with just a few extra at the end rather than zero. Does zero mean they underpriced their product?
  • It’s a lot better to only sell 110 bottles and make a profit of $108.60 than it is to sell 868 bottles and end up losing $331.20. Again, impossible to tell from the chart, but I wonder how much work went into selling 868 bottles only to lose $331.21 compared to how much work went into selling 110 bottles and ending up with a $108.60 profit.
  • The top two sellers (Peoplematics and Project Fixup) both lost money.
  • SocialCrunch, the company that ended up with the highest profit, were sitting in the front row at my talk 😉

I wonder if the results in the water challenge will mirror the results of the companies themselves if/when they get their own actual products to market.

Overall, I love this exercise. I think this is a great idea. No matter what you do in life, selling is a core skill. And there’s nothing quite like having to hit the bricks and sell your wares. It’s the best teacher you’ll ever have.