REWORK lands 6000 miles away in Togo, and 50 students pick it up

An unexpected email makes my day

Even 6 years after the release of REWORK, I still receive about a dozen emails every week from people who’ve just read it for the first time. The book is now in it’s 23rd printing in the US, and it’s also available in over a dozen translations all over the world.

It’s always a thrill to see REWORK land in another country, in another language, on another shore.

An unexpected email

A few days ago I got an email from a fellow in Togo, sharing how REWORK has helped inspire a group of 50 Togolese students. He attached a wonderful photo as well.

Since most emails don’t come with a photo, and most emails don’t come from nearly 10,000 km or 6000 miles away, so I asked Mike if he’d let me post the email and the photo. He said yes, so with great pride, here it is:

Greetings from sultry Lomé, Togo

I’m the director of the public affairs section at the US Embassy in Togo. We organize events regularly for Togolese youth focused on entrepreneurship and success strategies. As the authors of “REWORK” I thought you might get a kick out of hearing that your book has made an impact even as far as Togo.

Last week a really dynamic and talented young friend of ours named Jeff Awoume gave a terrific presentation about the book (the French translation, actually) to a group of about 50 Togolese students. It sparked a great conversation and you could tell it really got the audience thinking and questioning assumptions.

Togo is a small, poor country but that doesn’t stop people here from thinking big! Happy to share more info about what we do here if you’re interested

Have a good weekend


I asked Mike how else we could help. We traded a few emails and we’re in the process of setting up a live Q&A with the students via Skype next week.

I’d love to hear more stories like this. If you’ve got one to share, please drop me an email at ‘jason at basecamp…’ and let’s talk. And if you’re a teacher, and you’d like for us to pop up in your classroom via Skype or Hangouts or whatever, drop me a line too.

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