New in Highrise… Less!

We’ve recently done some customer research to investigate the ‘jobs’ our customers hire Highrise for — their Jobs to Be Done. I explore the process and outcomes a lot more in several episodes of my vlog, if you’re interested.

One of the key insights from the interviews was the importance that Highrise is a streamlined system for our customers to track leads and follow-ups.

It was fewer clicks, fewer things that needed to be learned, fewer things clamoring for attention compared to alternatives.

We also found “streamlined” can mean different things for different people. Some folks use Follow-ups but not Deals. Notes and email but not Cases. Bulk email but not our Group Inbox.

So we want to triple down on our effort to bring the most straightforward, simple, and streamlined CRM you can find.

With that in mind we’ve developed a new feature to… turn off features.

You can turn them back on at any time. If you have data in those features, don’t worry, nothing will be lost. You can read more about how this works: here.

We want to keep making sure Highrise helps you get your work done when you need it and stays out of your way when you don’t.

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