Message on a Bottle

The famous Dr. Bronner’s label

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, which bills itself as the top-selling natural soapmaker in North America, wasn’t founded to sell soap. The company was started to promote a religious philosophy developed by Dr. Emanuel Bronner, a third-generation German Jewish soapmaker, who printed his message on the labels of his potent peppermint liquid soap. Successive generations of the Bronner family have used the label’s message of a united humanity to guide the company, which spends much of its profits on charitable causes and is outspoken on issues like wage equality and fair trade. Today, even as the idea of a united humanity seems more distant than ever, Dr. Bronner’s continues to spread its soap and message worldwide.

This episode sounds a lot different than the previous ones we’ve released. Instead of a traditional interview, we’re letting company President Michael Bronner and his grandfather, Emanuel, tell the story of how the current generation is interpreting the bottle’s message for the modern age. We hope you enjoy it!

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