Loads of new stuff in Basecamp 3!

Over the past few months we’ve been working on a bunch of great improvements to Basecamp 3. Here’s a list of some of the big stuff that we’ve shipped recently, and live in your very own Basecamp 3 account today:

Renaming the 6 core tools

What’s in a name? Turns out a whole lot. Basecamp 3 comes with a core set of 6 tools: Message Board, Campfire (chat), Automatic Check-ins, To-dos, Schedule, and Docs & Files. But maybe in a particular case Announcements nails your use case better than Message Board. Or maybe instead of Schedule, you want people to focus on Deadlines. Now it’s entirely up to you. You can rename any of the core tools in any Basecamp.

Settings → Pick the tools… → Rename

Better image zooming

Prior to this update, when you clicked on an image in Basecamp it would pop the image full-size into another window. Now you can zoom the image right in place. It makes it faster and easier to get a bigger look at something.

Guided setup

We built an entirely new system to help people get brand new Basecamps set up properly. Now when you create a Basecamp you’ll see an option at the top that asks you if you’d like a hand setting it up:

“Yes, help me get started”

If you say yes, you’ll be guided through a few simple steps to help you get the first bits of content in place. For example, here’s how we help you set up a deadline:

Setting up a deadline with ease

Guided setup has been a hit with our customers so far, and it feels great to be able to help people get started off right.

Welcome back summary after Work Can Wait

Basecamp’s Work Can Wait feature gives each person control of their own work hours. You set up your notifications schedule and Basecamp won’t send you an emails, pings, or push notifications when you’re off work. It’s a brilliant way to take back your nights and weekends. And now we’ve made it better — when you return to work, we’ll send you a gentle summary via email, or a push to your phone, giving you quick access to anything relevant that happened while you were away.

A single swipe via push

Or a nice email summary when your work schedule kicks back in

You decide if you want the warm welcome on your return

Much improved printouts

A paper printout of a discussion, decision, schedule, or list is still very handy in all sorts of situations, so we’ve drastically improved the quality of the printouts that come from Basecamp 3.

Before → After

Clients can now see the Clientside

By popular customer demand, we’ve made it possible for your clients to see all the discussions on the Clientside without having to have a username and password. This means they see exactly what you see, and they don’t have to use their email inbox as their only point of reference. You can read more about these updates in this separate post as well.

A link at the bottom of every Clientside email

The Clientside message board — a full history of all client communication in a project — is now visible to your clients (as long as they have the 4 digit PIN which you can set)

Move projects from Basecamp 2 to Basecamp 3

This was a big request, as you can imagine. A huge number of Basecamp 2 customers have been waiting for today… Now you can move Basecamp 2 projects to Basecamp 3! Account owners and Administrators can kick off the process by going into Adminland (click the Basecamp logo top left in your account and selecting the ‘Adminland’ option), then finding the “Move projects from Basecamp 2 to Basecamp 3” link under “Because you’re an Administrator you can…” section, then following the directions on the subsequent screens. Be sure to read all the details — not everything can be moved, but most things can. We hope this helps smooth the transition to Basecamp 3 on your own schedule.

Major updates to the Android app

Basecamp 3’s Android app is fantastic, and the team is constantly pushing updates and improving the user experience. Here’s a list of some of the latest updates including more personal control over notifications, replies without launching the app, making it easier to move around without having to backtrack, and lots more.

Major updates to iOS as well

The iOS team is also hard at work making Basecamp 3 on the iPhone and iPad better than ever. Here’s a list of some of the new stuff they shipped recently including a quick way to mark everything as read, easy jumping between tools in a Basecamp, peek and pop with 3D Touch, and plenty more.

In addition to all the major improvements above, we’re shipping smaller updates, fixes, tweaks, and performance improvements often — sometimes daily.

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback. A lot of these improvements start out life as customer requests, so please keep that feedback coming.

We’ll be back soon with another batch of improvements. Thanks for being a Basecamp 3 customer!

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