Launch: Our Knowledge Center! 📚

I’ve always believed that getting to know your company better requires more than using a piece of software alone. Yes, Know Your Company has been helpful to thousands of people all over the world…

But if you want to foster a sustainable culture of feedback within your team, you have to change how you do things day in, day out. You have to shift your mindset. You have to practice a methodology.

We’ve spent the past three years developing that methodology. And finally, we created a resource to share it with you.

Today, we’re launching our brand new Knowledge Center — a place for every employee, manager and CEO to learn our methodology on how to cultivate open, honest workplace environments.

Based on insights and data we’ve collected from over 15,000 employees at hundreds of companies in 25 countries, we’ve distilled all our learnings into 21 chapters I’ve written for our Knowledge Center.

These chapters are organized into six different topic areas…

  • Blindspots: How to uncover common leadership pitfalls.
  • Asking for feedback: How to get employees talking about how they actually feel (and not just what they think you want to hear).
  • Receiving feedback: How to receive feedback in the right way to encourage employees to open up more.
  • Acting on feedback: How to handle feedback once you receive it.
  • Creating a culture of feedback: How to build a sustainable culture of feedback within your team.

Most of the chapters are a quick 2–3 minute read. A few take around 5–7 minutes to get through. So you can read just one if you’re short on time. Or you can take a deep dive and immerse yourself in an entire guide, while you’re on the train etc.

You can read the first three chapters on “Blindspots” here.

Every week, I’ll release a new chapter.

To me, this Knowledge Center gets us one step closer to creating a world where everyone can communicate openly and honestly at work. We hope reading and subscribing to the Knowledge Center helps you get one step closer to feeling that way at work, too.

Big news! We’re now Know Your Team — and our Knowledge Center is included in it. Check out our new product that helps managers become better leaders, and get the full story behind our change.

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