Big Integer

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On Thursday, November 8, Basecamp 3 went down for almost five hours. It was the worst outage to hit the company in a decade and a stress test of Basecamp’s practices around internal communication, customer support, and calm work. Today’s episode of the Rework podcast goes inside the company on November 8 to see how… keep reading

Happy Pacifists

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Business rhetoric is rife with the language of war — there’s constant talk of conquering markets and dominating the competition. These tropes indicate a dangerous way of thinking that can have real consequences, intended or not, on human behavior. In this episode of the Rework podcast, two professors share their research on the impact of violent rhetoric… keep reading

Sometimes It’s Crazy At Work

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In October, Jason Fried and DHH released their new book, It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work. The book featured their writing, as well as cover art and interior illustrations from Basecamp designers Adam Stoddard and Jason Zimdars. The launch initially seemed like a great success — but then things went awry. In this episode of… keep reading

The Worst Performance Review

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Source Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, 360…no matter what form they take, performance reviews can be anxiety-inducing workplace rituals. In today’s episode of the Rework podcast, we talk to the head of HR at an HR software company (meta!) and a Basecamp designer about why helpful feedback is so difficult to give and receive — and what can be… keep reading

Listener questions, answered

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It’s time for another mailbag episode where Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson answer your questions! In this one, they discuss how to apply calm company principles to client work and classrooms, and talk about healthy ways for business partners to disagree.

The Myth of the Overnight Sensation

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Before the viral unicorn poop video, before the appearances on Shark Tank and Dr. Oz and Howard Stern — Bobby Edwards was showing his invention at conventions and sending it to alternative health bloggers in hopes of getting coverage. The invention? Squatty Potty, a plastic stool that puts you in a squatting position to poop better. Today… keep reading

Farewell, Noah

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View this post on Instagram Since I'm working on small world maps today, here's a throwback to a much larger world map I did for @basecamp HQ last year. Map is about 8' wide, pins are where people live and work. #woodworking #decor #interiordesign #woodworker #maps #topographic #topography #map #crafts #wood #art #geography #wallart #design #etsyseller #craftbusiness #officedecor #craft #madeinamerica #usamap #wallmap #walldecor #wallhanging #topographicmap #worldmap #officeart #throwbackthursday #tbt A post shared… keep reading

The Rework Podcast is back!

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Erika Hildner in her mobile coffee shop 👉🏼🎙 Is this thing on? We’re back from sabbatical! In our first post-hiatus episode, Shaun heads to Denver to visit his sister, who left a catering job at a big restaurant chain to run a coffee shop out of a Volkswagen Bus that she bought on impulse off Craigslist.… keep reading