Basecamp 3 for Android 3.5 — Catch Up!

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When you’ve been away from your Basecamp 3 account for a stretch of time and need to get current, it can be tough to know where to start. On top of that, opening each Hey! item individually can take a while. That’s why the Android team (Jay, Jamie, and Dan) developed the new Catch Up… keep reading

Basecamp’s Employee Handbook is Public!

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Basecamp didn’t have an employee handbook for over ten years. When new people were hired, they were largely left to figure out how the company worked on their own. Our new hires were tasked with maintaining, improving, and supporting Basecamp’s products without any context about how those products came about. Our interns admitted they didn’t… keep reading

New in Basecamp 3: List view for Projects and Teams

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The change from Winter to Spring can provide a lot of inspiration for our team. We take time to listen to the rain, the wind, the flowers until they whisper the secrets to the way forward. Frequently, this growing season plants in us the ideas for the future of Basecamp. Nature can be very gentle,… keep reading

New in Basecamp 3: Message Types

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One of the best ways to improve a product is to look at hacks and workarounds your customers have come up with, understand the why behind the how, and then figure out how to turn those little innovations into full-blown features so everyone can benefit from them. That’s exactly what we’ve done with a brand… keep reading

New in Basecamp for Android 3.4

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The last update for their app was only a month ago, but Team Android at Basecamp has kept a steady pace to release a new version of the app, chock full of slick new screens and updates to features you already love. Here’s what you’ll find in the latest version, available today: New Hey! Menu The… keep reading

New for Basecamp 3: Desktop App Updates

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I keep the Basecamp 3 desktop app open all day. I used to keep Basecamp open in the browser, but would sometimes accidentally close that tab and would miss a Ping or @ mention. The support team depends on communication, so now Basecamp 3 is my most used app after my web browser. Our account… keep reading

New in Basecamp 3: Flexible Automatic Check-ins

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The automatic check-in is one of my favorite features to introduce to new Basecamp users. It’s such a simple idea: Ask everyone a question each day, week or month. See all the answers together. Knowing what everyone’s done that day, or what they plan to do that week, cuts down on uncertainty and saves everyone… keep reading

New in Basecamp 3: Jump Menu

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Any time we launch a new feature in Basecamp, the support team likes to keep track of what customers say about it after release. When we launched the new Home screen a few months ago, customers loved it, but missed the easy access to switching between projects they had with the previous Basecamps menu. Well,… keep reading

What’s new in Basecamp 3.3 for iOS

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Basecamp 3 is one year old and we’re celebrating with the most significant update since launch last fall. It’s available now in the App Store! Here’s a quick look at what’s new… Basecamp 3 is also available on Android, Mac, and Windows — anywhere you’ve got a web browser and an internet connection. Still haven’t tried Basecamp?… keep reading