What’s New in Basecamp 3.9 for iOS

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This release is all about usability improvements. Download it for iPhone and iPad from the App Store now. Find tab improvements 🔍 The Find tab now lets you quickly jump to anything you recently viewed without having to type a word! When you open Find, you’ll see your most recently visited pages, making it super easy… keep reading

Launch: A brand new way to work with clients in Basecamp 3

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When we launched Basecamp 3, we introduced a new way for client services firms to work with their clients. We called it the Clientside. It was an entirely separate part of a Basecamp project where all client-facing communications lived. Essentially, it was a mini project within a project — a distinct space with separate tools and a… keep reading

New in Basecamp: Improved Schedule Cards

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A more complete picture of what’s coming up This was a classic case of “How hard could it be?” that started as a series of customer requests and bug reports. People wanted to see their events AND their dated to-dos on their Basecamp 3 Schedule cards. Totally reasonable, right? Like anything involving dates, timezones, and computers,… keep reading

New in Basecamp 3: Decide who gets notified when completing a to-do

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Elevating an invisible feature To-dos in Basecamp are pretty straightforward. At a glance, you can see who’s responsible, when it’s due, and important details you might need to know: Unfortunately, it’s never been clear who will get notified when you complete a to-do. That made it hard to pass the baton to a coworker or… keep reading

New Year, New Updates for Basecamp 3 on Android

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We’ve updated the Basecamp 3 Android app to coincide with the launch of the Basecamp 3 refresh. What’s new? 💨 Navigation takes you to Projects and Teams faster 🗺 Sticky titles and breadcrumbs keep you from getting lost 🎨 Themes and overall styling updated to match the refresh 💨 Navigation takes you to Projects and… keep reading

Previewing the Basecamp 3 refresh

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We’re close to finishing up a refresh of the Basecamp 3 interface on web and desktop. We’re planning on launching it in the next few weeks, so we wanted to give you a thorough preview before it shows up in a browser near you. First, why? A combination of reasons, really. One, we have some… keep reading

What’s new in Basecamp for iOS

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One last release of Basecamp for 2017 is here. Get it for iPhone and iPad in the App Store today. Here’s a look at some of the most recent improvements. Brand new design for Activity Feeds are everywhere on mobile, so we took the best modern design patterns and applied them to Basecamp’s own feed. This… keep reading

[Basecamp 3 Redesign] Phase 1: New Nav and a unified Hey! Inbox.

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Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out a visual refresh to make Basecamp 3 even easier to use — and more approachable for new users. Today we launch the first set of updates. Most products get more complicated as they go. More stuff, more screens, more options, more ways to do things. It’s natural — evolution tends to… keep reading