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A few places Highrise has been spotted in the wild recently 🙂

Amy Schmittauer is killing it with teaching folks how to vlog, and she’s been a huge supporter of Highrise and my own vlog. It was awesome to see her showing the use of Highrise in her routine:

Alison Grove’s been buzzing on the podcast circuit.

and her chat with Support Ops.

Our new iOS app was Xamarin’s App of the Week. People have also really enjoyed hearing how we made a native mobile app that supports both Android and iOS with just 2 people working part time on the project with Microsoft tools:

Our writing has been showing up on guest blog posts like this one from Capterra by Lynette:

The Benefits of CRM Software for 5 Types of Small Businesses

And on Olark where I talk about making Business Human:

The Benefits of CRM Software for 5 Types of Small Businesses

And I’ve been on some podcasts too recently. I just spoke with DULO Wear about my origin story, building businesses, creating audiences, luck and a lot more:

I hope you enjoy the things we’ve been sharing. If there’s anything you’d be interested in us covering, or if you’d like to interview any of us, we’d love to chat. Please don’t hesitate to reach out (nate@highrisehq.com).

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