We write code, not documents

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Recently a student asked me: Could you describe one instance where you had to use a diagramming tool (eg. Google Slides Drawings, Lucidcharts, Miro, Whimsical, Gliffy etc) to accomplish a task? They also provided an example answer I could follow, which consisted of creating a chart to map a user flow, presenting it, getting feedback,… keep reading

Demand Side Sales 101, a new book on sales by Bob Moesta.

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Bob Moesta is a dear friend, mentor, and all around original thinker. He’s helped me see around corners, shine lights on things I didn’t know were there, and approach product development from unusual angles. Every time we talk, I come away inspired and full of optimism. So when he asked me to help him with… keep reading

Options, Not Roadmaps

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Since Shape Up came out, many people asked some version of this question: I understand you make bets six weeks at a time. But how do you plan in the longer term? Don’t you have some kind of a roadmap? The short answer is: no. We don’t have roadmaps. We think about what to do… keep reading