Towards carbon negativity

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Humans have been pumping greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere at an unsustainable rate. It’s on us to reverse course as quickly as possible to stay below the tipping point of 1.5℃ global warming. Without action, the future is beyond bleak. At Basecamp, we’re committing to becoming carbon negative for our cumulative history and moving forward. The first… keep reading

Running spot instances effectively with Amazon EKS

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Since we started working on HEY, one of the things that I’ve been a big proponent of was keeping as much of the app-side compute infrastructure on spot instances as possible (front-end and async job processing; excluding the database, Redis, and Elasticsearch). Coming out of our first two weeks running the app with a real… keep reading

Black Lives Matter

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Today, on Juneteenth, it is important to us to take a pause and publicly recognize organizations, activists, campaigns, and journalists that have been doing the work, fighting everyday for a more just tomorrow. The following are contributions from individual Basecampers.

On current events

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It’s easy to say what a year, what a week. But that’s a shortsighted, privileged point of view. I’m guilty of holding that occasional perspective. It’s moments like these that jolt me into recognizing the deeper reality. What we’re seeing is the culmination of years – decades, generations, and centuries – of unjust treatment against… keep reading