The Little Trade-Offs

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What seems small to you, as a leader, is not small to your team. I was running a leadership training a few months ago, when a CEO said this to me… “I think I know why it’s so easy to become a bad manager, even when we don’t mean to be: It’s because of the little… keep reading

Conceptual compression means beginners don’t need to know SQL — hallelujah!

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It used to be a fundamental requirement that you learned an extensive amount of SQL before you were able to start working on database-backed applications. It was taken as self-evident that you needed to speak the native language of the database before you were qualified to use it. And better yet, you really ought to… keep reading

Mind the gap

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How to spend your time when there’s nothing left to do? This morning something happened that reminded me of an important lesson re: time well spent. Three of us are working on an illustration project for our forthcoming book, “It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work”. In our previous books, we had an illustration per… keep reading

Highrise is back with Basecamp

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Welcome home! In 2014, Highrise was spun off as a separate (but wholly-owned) company from Basecamp. Last year it celebrated its tenth anniversary in business. And this year it’s moving back in with Basecamp. In some ways, it’s like it never left. While Highrise operated as an independent company under Nathan Kontny as CEO, Basecamp’s… keep reading

Life After Shark Tank

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The ABC show Shark Tank is irresistible reality programming: Entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to a panel of famous investors and have the potential to make a life-changing deal. But as with any reality show, there’s much more to the Shark Tank experience than what gets shown on TV. In the new episode of the Rework… keep reading

What’s New in Basecamp 3.9 for iOS

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This release is all about usability improvements. Download it for iPhone and iPad from the App Store now. Find tab improvements 🔍 The Find tab now lets you quickly jump to anything you recently viewed without having to type a word! When you open Find, you’ll see your most recently visited pages, making it super easy… keep reading

Launch: A brand new way to work with clients in Basecamp 3

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When we launched Basecamp 3, we introduced a new way for client services firms to work with their clients. We called it the Clientside. It was an entirely separate part of a Basecamp project where all client-facing communications lived. Essentially, it was a mini project within a project — a distinct space with separate tools and a… keep reading

Someone’s underperforming. Now what?

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14 questions to ask an employee who’s struggling during your next one-on-one meeting so you can figure out how to best help. Someone’s slipping. You see it. You feel it. You’re not on the same page. You desperately want to pull the person up, but you’re not sure exactly how. Do you encourage them? Switch them… keep reading