For sale: baby shoes, never worn

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Unraveling the dismal science of my Facebook moms resale group I recently discovered one easy trick to make money from home! Well, “easy” is relative and “make money” is also kind of debatable, but I definitely have not left my house. I’ve been in decluttering mode for the last couple weeks and have become super… keep reading

Basecamp’s Employee Handbook is Public!

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Basecamp didn’t have an employee handbook for over ten years. When new people were hired, they were largely left to figure out how the company worked on their own. Our new hires were tasked with maintaining, improving, and supporting Basecamp’s products without any context about how those products came about. Our interns admitted they didn’t… keep reading

Honesty is the Best Policy

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Downtown Vegas’ fire-breathing mantis & Staying on the set of The Real World Season 31 Two weeks ago Highrise had a company meetup in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s only seven of us, so you can imagine what traveling and meetups do to our customer support. We have two people dedicated to customer support. They stagger their… keep reading

Five fresh faces at Basecamp for 2017

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Basecamp says welcome to five new people! Basecamp is bigger than its ever been, but in the grand scheme of software companies serving well over a hundred thousand paying customers, we’re still pretty small at 52 people. So that means every hire is kinda a big deal! And we’ve made five in 2017, so I thought… keep reading

Programming with a love of the implicit

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It’s always better to be explicit! That’s pretty much a programming truism. Rarely directly challenged, lest one betray the foundational tenors of Proper Programming. But challenge it we should, and head on. The standard justification for being maximally explicit is a kind one. Give a programmer looking at the code everything they need to understand… keep reading