My kind of contract

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The work for hire terms at Segura, a design firm in Chicago. My three favorite bits: 1. “Time is money. More time is more money.” 2. “If you want something that’s been done before, use that.” 3. The pro bono amendments. You give me money, I’ll give you creative.I’ll start when the check clears.Time is… keep reading

Chicago, Be Chicago

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Yuck! Enough with the Silicon Valley worship, Chicago! 🎶Hey, Chicago, what do you say? Can we stop talking about wanting to be the next Silicon Valley today?🎶 If you pay attention to the Chicago tech/media scene, you’ve probably been hearing for years that Chicago is poised to be the next Silicon Valley. The storyline continues in… keep reading

Influence — The Power of Free

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A few weeks ago we walked by a comic book store and noticed it was Free Comic Book Day, an event where comic book publishers provide… What else? Free comic books. My 3 year old daughter has expressed interest in learning about comics so we thought we’d check it out. It was a great experience.… keep reading

Bargain for Bugs

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Comic from I found a bug . . . When you receive an email from a customer that starts like this, what is your first reaction? Disappointed? Are you anxious? Shocked? The support team at Highrise is often skeptical. Why? Because sometimes what you think is a bug isn’t a bug at all. It’s an expectation. We’re firm… keep reading

How do we get more subscribers, followers, and signups?

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It’s the question we all have at some point running a business. Someone recently noticed that I have a larger YouTube subscriber count then they expected, given my channel’s newness and the relatively small number of views so far. Their channel was getting a ton of views from some neat niche content, but he was… keep reading

Go first

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You can’t expect people to be open with you, if you’re not open with them first. You’re at a swimming pool. The water looks nice. It’s not quite a warm enough day… But it’s almost summer so why not jump in? You want others to join you in the pool (it’s more fun that way!). So… keep reading

Using Kotlin to make Android APIs fun again

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Kotlin announcement at Google I/O 2017 If you haven’t heard, Kotlin is now a first class citizen on Android and we couldn’t be more thrilled at Basecamp. We’ve been using Kotlin since it hit 1.0 last year and we recently got to 100% Kotlin in the Basecamp 3 Android app. One of my favorite features in… keep reading

What’s that mystery in your inbox costing you?

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The inbox is the center of everything. Whether it’s email, assignments, messaging, chatting, IM, whatever, if someone wants you to see something, it shows up in an inbox of some kind. The design of the inbox has more impact on our daily decision making than any other part of any piece of software we use.… keep reading