How We Work — Tracking the Bugs

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An inside look at how we handle bug tracking with Basecamp 3. Ksenija had a great question from my last “How We Work” post. One thing that interests me the most is do you have some kind of automatic integration between Help Scout and Basecamp or do you manually write important things in BC? Why I’m… keep reading

What’s an hour?

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When 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 does not equal 60 Remember the first time someone asked you what’s heavier — a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? You probably fell for it. I sure did. A pound is a pound! Duh! But the same thing doesn’t apply with an hour. Every hour may be… keep reading

More work, worse outcome

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Man vs. snow vs. time Yesterday I published an article called “The Outwork Myth” where I push back against the popular notion that “working harder and longer than other people is the way to get ahead”. Today I want to demonstrate a simple example of what I mean. It snowed This past weekend in Chicago we… keep reading

Data is Man-Made

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Here’s a secret from the support team at Highrise. Customer support metrics make us feel icky. Our team doesn’t know our satisfaction score. We’ve never asked any of the people that use Highrise to try those types of surveys. We can’t give you an exact number for our average response time. It depends. Sometimes it’s… keep reading

The outwork myth

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Enough already You can’t outwork people. You may be able to outwork someone. Maybe you have a lazy friend. Or you’ve met a few entrepreneurs who talk a big game but they don’t seem to want to do any work. They don’t represent people, they each represent a person. The world is a big place.… keep reading

Camera equipment suggestions

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Thanks Corey! Thank you so much for watching. I do have suggestions 🙂 I have this awesome Canon 80D DSLR camera. The quality is amazing. I’ve got a couple really nice wide aperture lenses that create this beautiful shallow depth of field. Gorgeous video coming from this setup. And I rarely use the damn thing. First… keep reading

Best Buy vs. The Apple Store

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A recent shopping experience that really surprised me I was captivated when Apple opened its first set of physical retail stores in 2001. I’ve never owned a retail business, but I worked a variety of retail jobs growing up. What Apple did with retail was different. I’ve always been endlessly fascinated by retail. Watching people… keep reading

Clothes Call

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Illustration by Nate Otto Here’s a story for all you Cubs fans out there, or anyone who’s ever wondered: Who makes the championship t-shirts you see players wearing in the locker room right after they win the game? Marathon Sportswear in Blue Island, Illinois is one of those businesses. The t-shirt screen printing company is located… keep reading

How to have an honest one-on-one with an employee

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Here are six ways to get employees talking about what they really feel (and not what they think you want to hear)… “I can handle the truth. I’m pretty tough, Claire.” My CEO at the time told me this during our one-on-one about five or so years ago. The year was ending, and he wanted to know… keep reading