New in Basecamp 3: Webhooks

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We recently launched a full API for Basecamp 3. That’s great for when you want to programmatically retrieve or post content. But what if you just want your program to be told when there’s something changes? Well, that required polling at regular intervals. Bah! With our newly launched webhooks, you can instead have Basecamp call… keep reading

Don’t be too inspired

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If you want to contribute something original, it may be best to stay away from those who might inspire you too much. I was just watching this lovely little seven-minute video on Roger W. Smith over at HODINKEE: Roger is a watchmaker, in the most traditional sense. He apprenticed under George Daniels, one of the best… keep reading

Your ideas are important — share them with the community

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Sharing your ideas helps you and others get better. Here’s how to get started. At least once a week I say to myself, “That’s interesting. I should write something about it.” And then I don’t. A bunch of excuses fly into my head. “Lots of people have already covered this. I’m not an expert. Why would… keep reading

New in Basecamp 3: Email Forwards

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The entire conversation, together in Basecamp Basecamp 3 is great for keeping your entire team on the same page. All your to-dos, important events, documents, and conversations in one place, wherever you are. But what if the conversation starts outside of Basecamp? Email is hard to avoid. Small businesses of all kinds depend on email to… keep reading

Getting your recommended daily chart allowance

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About a year ago, I wrote about something I’d recently started doing at Basecamp and a year and over 250 charts later, I’m still at it: every workday, I share a different “chart of the day” with my coworkers at Basecamp. The charts are just pulled from whatever I’m working on, a question someone asked,… keep reading

Grateful Heads

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Illustration by Nate Otto LaMichael Langford grew up watching his uncle run a barber shop and would sneak in his friends to cut their hair. LaMichael eventually took over the business that his uncle opened in 1964, and Langford’s Barber Shop has been a constant in an Atlanta neighborhood that’s seen significant demographic shifts over the… keep reading

The Curse of Knowledge

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“Uh, it’s off Airport Road. You should be able to get there from Umstead. I think or, or maybe go up to Estes?” I paused again. I was confusing the person asking me for directions more than I was confusing myself. What was the matter with me? I grew up in Chapel Hill and went… keep reading

My favorite people and resources to learn Android programming from

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Keep your skills razor sharp by following these fantastic people and resources in the Android community One of the best ways to learn Android programming is to surround yourself with people better than you — then watch and listen intently. So here’s my attempt to help you find the best to learn from. Below is a list… keep reading