Give me less, I’ll pay more

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The Leica M-D 262 — A digital camera with no settings, no screen I’m a sucker for controversial trade-offs. Companies that dare say “this one thing is more important than this entire set of other things people usually consider must-haves” take a shortcut to my wallet. Apple is the oft-heralded example. When the first MacBook Air came out,… keep reading

Let’s drop the unrealistic expectation of total transparency in open source

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Running a large, long-running open source project like Ruby on Rails is very rewarding but can also be exhausting. The glimmers of glamour usually only sparkle around release time, but the grunt of the grind is daily. The grind is an endless stream of bug reports, requests, demands, questions, and occasional inquisitions. To avoid getting… keep reading

Twelve Weeks @ Basecamp: A Summer Tale

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Prelude I found out about Basecamp’s internship program during the winter break completely on accident. Burned out from the fall semester and unmotivated to get any work done, I gave “data science internship” a cursory Google search and happened to find Basecamp had just posted about looking for summer interns. After reading through the description… keep reading

Silicon Valley arrogance: “I can tell you which startups will succeed, without even knowing what…

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According to Marissa Mayer, long hours and weekend work (in person) will lead to success Yesterday I read this article about Marissa Mayer. This quote infuriated me (emphasis mine): My husband [the venture capital investor Zachary Bogue] runs a co-working office in San Francisco…And if you go in on a Saturday afternoon, I can tell you… keep reading

Why You Should Care Less

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Relationships are weird. We have names to describe all sorts of the relationships we have with other humans. Friends. Acquaintances. A husband or wife. Brothers and sisters. Father. Son. Mother. Aunts and uncles. A cousin. So many names that indicate the context of a relationship. Bosses and employees. Boardmembers. Colleagues or coworkers. Neighbors. Defendants and… keep reading

Knife Work If You Can Get It

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Illustration by Nate Otto In 1972, when two cousins opened Northwestern Cutlery, their knife rental and sharpening business, they chose a location in Chicago near the city’s meatpackers. Over the next decades, the dramatic transformation of the neighborhood around the business meant a nearly complete turnover in Northwestern Cutlery’s customer base — from industrial meatpackers to affluent gourmands.… keep reading

What are questions?

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An unexpected answer from Clayton Christensen. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to spend about three hours with Clayton Christensen. Clay, currently a professor at Harvard Business School, is best known for his book, The Innovator’s Dilemma. His latest book, How Will You Measure Your Life, has some wonderfully insightful business and life… keep reading