Anonymous feedback breeds a culture of distrust

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As the CEO of Know Your Team, I often get asked about my opinion on asking employees for anonymous feedback. Is it a useful approach? Would I recommend it? My answer is the same each time: I hate anonymous feedback. I hate giving it, and I hate receiving it. Here’s why. Anonymous feedback breeds a… keep reading

Real-time dashboards considered harmful

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Walk into any startup office and you’ll see almost the exact same thing: a bunch of big televisions showing real-time dashboards. Traffic, tweets, leads, sales, revenue, application performance, support cases, satisfaction, A/B test results, open rates; you name it, there’s a real-time dashboard for it. Walk into Basecamp and you won’t see any of those,… keep reading

Myth debunking: WebViews suck, everything should be native

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Contrary to popular belief, Android webviews aren’t your enemy — they’re your best friend If there’s one thing that gets a lot of shit on Android, it’s webviews (OK, not as much as fragments, but it’s up there). How do I know? The next time you talk to an Android programmer or designer, try this little experiment: tell… keep reading

When we say work can wait, we mean it. Really.

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We recently had a problem with our interns. Now, in terms of problems, it was a good one to have. I noticed some of them working on their days off or very late/early hours. That’s not how we roll here, so I had to issue a smack down. Peer pressure is a real thing It’s… keep reading

Why we need paid family leave in the U.S.

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When you have a newborn baby, your home life descends into temporary chaos. There’s crying and messes and strange liquids everywhere, plus doctor appointments, grocery store runs, and endless laundry. And that’s not all: new moms need lots of support and ample time to recover. But since Americans keep prioritizing EXTREME PRODUCTIVITY and individualism over… keep reading

How to say you’re sorry

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“We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused” is absolutely not the way. There’s never really a great way to say you’re sorry, but there are plenty of terrible ways. One of the worst ways is the non-apology apology, which sounds like an apology but doesn’t really accept any blame. For example, “We’re sorry if… keep reading

Getting less done

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So you got a lot done this week? Good for you. But what exactly did you get done? Was it work you’ll remember next month? Was it work that’ll matter next year? Did you learn anything that’ll help you tomorrow? High productivity doesn’t mean squat if the things you’re getting done aren’t truly important. It’s… keep reading

Two sisters and a sandwich entrepreneur

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Illustration by Nate Otto I ask questions for a living and I love it. But sometimes it’s fun to have someone else do the interviews, especially when that person brings a unique perspective to the conversation. To that end, we tried something new for the latest episode of The Distance. We wanted to host a conversation… keep reading

Exploring Paley Studios

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Our team is always blown away by the useful advice Highrise customers are willing to share with us. Here’s another we think you’ll want to hear. Paley Studios has been using Highrise daily since 2007 to help organize various projects, information and contacts. It’s an invaluable online resource that allows us to keep project information,… keep reading

Hiring a programmer? Ditch the coding interview and get back to basics

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10 articles from the Basecamp archives focused on common sense hiring practices This week was going great…until I saw yet another article coaching programmers on how to prepare for a coding interview. Imagine, the secrets to “winning” a coding interview and getting your dream job, all unlocked in one article! 🤔 I suppose I shouldn’t… keep reading