Announcing: The Basecamp Way To Work Workshop

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Spend an afternoon with us and you’ll see it all — how we communicate internally, how we decide what to do, how we divvy up and manage work, how we’re structured, how teams interact, how designers and programmers work together — even how we disagree and resolve conflict. Everything’s on stage, nothing’s off-limits. The workshop is Thursday, July 7,… keep reading

Don’t let anyone overpay you

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The right size net The moment one customer pays you a lot more than any other customer, you’re no longer a product company, you’re a services/consulting company again. When we launched the first version of Basecamp in 2004, we decided to build software for small companies just like us. We know how growing from four to six… keep reading

The difference between a statistic and a success

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Business and Life Lessons with Teen Whisperer Josh Shipp I mastered the art of getting kicked out of foster homes. I would literally keep a notebook with how quickly I could get kicked out. It was like a game to me. And as he was heading into what would be his last foster home: My previous… keep reading

Humble Adobe

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Illustration by Nate Otto Santa Fe, New Mexico is home to around 200 art galleries. Even in this thriving art scene, Nedra Matteucci’s gallery stands out. The 44-year-old gallery, which she bought in 1988, is housed in an adobe compound spanning two acres, and the business takes a grounded approach to fine art. If visiting the… keep reading

I went on vacation and a funny thing happened — I didn’t do any work

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Many vacations are broken, filled with the stress of work. Help me bring back the work-free vacation. My family and I just returned from a 12 day vacation to the San Diego area, where my brother, mom, and dad all live. We had a wonderful time. We did all the typical vacation stuff — Legoland, beaches, pizza,… keep reading

2 Sisters 2 Sandwich

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Part Two of a conversation between small business owners Last week, we tried a new format with The Distance. We had the owners of Lively Athletics, a women’s apparel and running shoe store in Oak Park, Illinois, interview the owner of Starship, a long-time sandwich shop in the neighboring suburb of Forest Park. The first half… keep reading