Avoiding the Trap

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Learning to Recognize Burnout It took me a long time to realize what I was feeling was burnout. I was working at my dream job (Basecamp!), writing software in my favorite programming language (Ruby!). I got to solve fun, challenging problems every day, with people who were brilliant, friendly, encouraging, accepting, and fascinating. The perks… keep reading

Don’t pose the question if the answer can’t change your mind

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There’s an undeniable appeal in seeking broader consensus from your customers, employees, and partners in decisions big and small. When your direction has the legitimacy of a wide backing, it’s invigorating and enabling. Making progress together is more fun and effective than making progress by edict. But you should temper your temptation to pose questions… keep reading

Why I love ugly, messy interfaces — and you probably do too

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Illustration by Nate Otto Beautiful. Fresh. Clean. Simple. Minimal. These words have been dominating design discourse for a while now. In case you’ve managed to miss them, check out this review of portfolio websites over on Creativebloq. The word beautiful is used 6 times, and simple 11 times. In one article. Designers use these words to… keep reading

Being tired isn’t a badge of honor

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Whenever I speak at a conference, I try to catch a few of the other presentations. I tend to stand in the back and listen, observe, and get a general sense of the room. Lately, I’ve been hearing something that disturbs me. A lot of entrepreneurs onstage have been bragging about not sleeping, telling their… keep reading

Everything is possible but nothing is free

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Every developer has been asked whether building a certain feature is “possible”. The short answer is virtually always YES. It’s possible. Software is the clay of dreams; everything is possible. What those asking really want to know, though, is one of two things: Can you just build this thing I want, in addition to all… keep reading

Basecamp announces Fun Can Wait™

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At Basecamp, it’s part of our DNA to provide our customers with the latest and greatest technology. We know Basecamp is mission-critical software to our customers. And so, we continuously deliver new and improved product features in a timely manner, automatically, to enable you to seamlessly leverage the latest innovations and focus on growing your… keep reading