“Is it unrealistic to expect free UI design help?”

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She’s wearing the hat, but I’m the one who graduated RedditorFor8Years asks: Is it unrealistic to expect free UI design help? I am working solo on my startup and could really use some help in UI. I am a backend developer and have next to no clue regarding color schemes, typography etc. I have no… keep reading

Software has bugs. This is normal.

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Disappointment occurs when expectations don’t match reality. And our expectations for software quality are profoundly unrealistic. Thus, lots of people are continuously disappointed — even enraged — by software bugs. They shouldn’t be. The only reliable, widely used way to ensure impeccable software quality is to write less software that does less stuff, and then spend eons honing that… keep reading

Great looking forward, terrible looking back

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This article is not about cookies. Back in the 90s, just about all at once, everyone decided fat was terrible for you. So an industry sprung up — lead by a company called Snackwells — that replaced all the fat in your cookies and baked goods with mountains of delicious fat-free sugar. Grocery store isles were stacked with green boxes… keep reading

Inquiring Minds

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In 2011, my husband and I went to hear Umberto Eco speak at the Chicago Humanities Festival. When they opened up the talk to audience questions, I started cringing in my seat as a kind of preemptive reflex. Sure enough, someone from the audience eagerly grabbed the microphone and asked Eco if he believed in… keep reading

So about those TPS reports…

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Illustration by Nate Otto Before joining Basecamp, where everyone can live and work wherever they want (look at our desks!), I commuted to an office where I had a cubicle. I’d always worked in newsrooms, which tend to be livelier than a many other workplaces—TVs blaring, reporters having loud arguments with recalcitrant public officials and corporate… keep reading

What’s new in Basecamp 3 for iOS

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Hello from Team iOS here at Basecamp! We’ve been hard at work making Basecamp better for you, here’s just some of what’s new… Better sharingBasecamp 3’s share extension has been redesigned and powered-up. Post a funny GIF in a Campfire, Ping Zach that URL, or drop a PDF into Docs & Files all without leaving… keep reading