One Day on Earth

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Every day we hear surprising stories and helpful advice from our users at Highrise in every kind and size of business and we want to spread some of that to the rest of the community too! Brandon uses Highrise to organize thousands of people at his business One Day on Earth, but this story isn’t… keep reading

Building a lever

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You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you can move. Over the years I’ve written a lot about how we work at Basecamp. A lot of the things we do would be considered unusual. 4-day work weeks in the summer, paying for people’s hobbies… keep reading


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Why do some families seem so good at passing down success, while others fail? Today, dog sleds are a bit of an anachronism — a reminder of travel that was important many years ago. In 1925 a diphtheria outbreak occurred in Nome, Alaska. Diphtheria is a bacterial infection that was an extremely deadly disease for native Alaskan children… keep reading

Independent, Literary, Political

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Illustration by Nate Otto The front window of Women & Children First bookstore in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood has signs that proclaim: “Opened 1979/Open Today/Open Forever.” If that doesn’t capture the spirit of The Distance, I don’t know what does! Our latest episode of The Distance about this 37-year-old feminist bookstore has many other elements of a… keep reading

Be the Plumber

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A 30-something immigrant with no fancy education or consumer product experience started a company in 2003. The product’s first sales came out of the trunks of cars. 9 years later, the company’s products were being snagged by people checking out at Walmart and sales exceeded $1 billion. How the hell did that happen? One of… keep reading

Transforming a screen with a few questions

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Some scraps and learnings from the workroom floor Recently I’ve been working on an update to Basecamp 3 that’ll give people a couple more options for how they sign up and log in to Basecamp. People will be able to choose from using a password, their Google account, their Facebook account—or all three. Huh, why write… keep reading

March 2016 Basecamp 3 updates!

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Hey all! Wow the last few months were busy for us. You too? We’ve got a lot of new stuff to share with everyone. Everything listed below has already shipped and available in your Basecamp. Here’s what’s new Ever wish you could mark something you already read as unread again? Well now you can! And… keep reading

To Smile Again

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Recovering from the paralysis of burnout Take a moment and imagine: what if you could only smile with half of your face? In fact, give it a try. Relax the left side of your face, and smile — really, really smile — with the right side. Imagine you’ve just heard something hilarious, or wonderful. Show some teeth! But only on… keep reading

The Lost Coffee Order

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A great experience even when things went wrong. Last month, I sent a surprise gift to one of our customers. In an unfortunate series of events, the gift package never made it to her. Here’s the email I received from the coffee company I bought the gift from: I spoke with your customer and she says… keep reading