The Majestic Monolith

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Monolith by Rene Aigner Some patterns are just about the code. If your code looks like this, and you need it to do that, here’s what to do. You’d do well to study such patterns, as they give you a deep repertoire of solutions ready to apply and make your code better every time you hit… keep reading

Two new email reports in Basecamp

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Until today there’s only been one way to stay caught up with all the activity on your Basecamp account, and one way to see what’s on your plate—both required you to log in to Basecamp and check yourself. Now you can have each automatically delivered to your email inbox. Stay caught up with the daily… keep reading

Basecamp 3 for Mac and Windows is here!

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One of the best things about Basecamp is you can use it almost anywhere. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Laptop, phone, tablet, hotel lounge, school computer lab, Mom and Dad’s den — you know, the one with the CRT monitor… Anyway… Basecamp also is available in fully featured apps for iOS… keep reading

First principles

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In January of 2006, a young comedian with a taste of doing stand-up in college, moved to New York to make it big. I got $200 and dreams, let’s do this thing. But following a stretch of barely getting by and sleeping on the subway, he moved back to Chicago by May of the same… keep reading

Practical skills that practical data scientists need

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When I wrote about how I mostly just use arithmetic, a lot of people asked me about what skills or tools a data scientist needs if not fancy algorithms. What is this mythical “basic math” that I mentioned? Here’s my take on what skills are actually needed for the sort of work that I do… keep reading

Bootstrapped and Proud

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Illustration by Nate Otto I first learned about boot jacks a couple weeks ago, when I reported this story about Alcala’s Western Wear, a 41-year-old retailer in Chicago. Illinois is not a place where you see a lot of cowboy boots — not like, say, Texas or Montana, where airport security checkpoints come with boot jacks to help… keep reading

Make losses affordable

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People do crazy things when they can’t afford to lose. Being dealt a bad hand, which invariably happens at some point, becomes an existential threat, the brain shuts off rational analysis, the primal mode of survival kicks in. It’s when morals and spines are broken. Let’s say your business is reliant on just a few… keep reading

Helping clients and firms get to Yes.

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One of the hardest answers in the client business. When we launched Basecamp 3 a few months back, we launched a flavor called “Basecamp With Clients.” This version of Basecamp 3 has one big thing that’s different from the standard version of Basecamp 3 — it has something called “The Clientside”. The Clientside is an exclusive feature… keep reading